Products Advantages

Products Disadvantages

  • Maggi
  • Milo
  • Nestle Toll House
  •  Nestle Gerber
  •  Nestle Kit-Kat

Chosen brand

Nestle “Kit-Kat”

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  • Consumers will buy the product because it will be on offer
  •  Increase brand awareness as it is a developing, existing brand

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  •  Existing brands such as Milo, Nestle Gerber , they are labelled as existing brands which indicates that these brands will require a lot of time in order for the customer to buy these products
  •  One negative is that existing customers will not buy this product, as they know it is an existing brand and they know what flavour it contains.

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Justification/ issues:

Reason for choosing Nestle Kit-Kat is because is valuable, increase loyalty, leading to repeat purchases.

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Kit-Kat may loose its image in the market if the established brand isn’t targeted at the right audience.

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