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Unsuitable Digital & Social Media Communications Approaches #dsmmcm1617

Marketing Approach Justification of inclusion as inappropriate Implications of inappropriateness
LinkedIn LinkedIn is mostly used for business to business sales and most users of LinkedIn are graduates, company owners, professionals (Chaney, 2015)

LinkedIn does not have an option for its users to go on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. This justifies that LinkedIn is an inappropriate network to reach our target audience (Chaney, 2015)

If LinkedIn is the only networking site to reach our  audience then people will have no interest in it. This interprets that our valuable time and resources are being wasted. (The Company Warehouse)
Email marketing Email marketing can be used to impact consumers in a variety of ways (Brick Marketing).

Email marketing can be a useful tool to boost our target audience. However, it is not the strongest tool to use in order to reach more people in a specified time frame


If our consumers report the actual email campaign as spam then it will have a negative impact for the reputation of the brand. This portrays that we will lose customers and it is likely that they will never trust the brand again McCormick,M.(2015)




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