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Submission 2, Main Audiences #dsmmcm1617

1a-The most appropriate approaches for segmentation

Segmentation Approach Advantages Disadvantages Risks Priority
Behavioural Targeting based on ‘specific search terms’ e.g chocolate bars,sweets etc. Search analytics can easily measure the search terms(Patel, 2013)

Can see which areas are most active in searching for specific keywords (, 2015)

 May use a different search term  which reduces the chances to identify what they are looking for (Kumar and Lang, 2007)

Keywords trends may change in terms to customer behavioural changes

Choosing one search engine may reduce the search term “KitKat”.Eg. Google or Bing. 1
Geographic/Location based on Wi-Fi check ins Find customers current behaviour. Wi-Fi may be broken or have bad connectivity

Limited approach because of customers needs by location

Negative impact on customers privacy and security

(Jaradat, 2015)

Psychographic Targeting – Fans of a particular brand Analysis of consumer lifestyles to create a detailed customer profile

Market researchers conduct psychographic research by asking consumers to agree or disagree with activities, interests, and opinions statements


Time consuming for every targeted fan (McCarthy, 2015)

Consumers have different characteristics and attitudes. (Chaffey,2012)

Too many social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 2

Chosen Methods:

Justifications for Social Media Marketing:

In addition, average users spend 1hour and 40 minutes per day on social media and it is increasing, (,2016).

Behavioural targeting is an approach used by many advertisers to increase the impact of their campaigns which means more information can be collected for their browser. This involves gathering data such as “the pages they have visited and searches they have made.” (,2016).

Discarded Methods:

Issues and risks with discarding Geographical:

Geographical approach is not very useful for our segmentation as customers behavior can not be targeted because of their location (Geographic). Moreover, some businesses do not have the facilities to provide Wi-Fi  (ComputerWeekly, 2015).

1b-The most appropriate target audiences for PSO

Approach Market Segment Advantages Disadvantages Risks Priority
Behavioural Target Customers searching Keyword such as ‘Kit kat’ on Google in the UK Our target audience is ‘Everyone’ showing interest towards the KitKat Using the search term KitKat on Google may not be visible to some of our target audience KiKat may rank low on Google search 1
Location/ Geographic Target Targeting people who are using shopping centres’ Wi-Fi in the UK One advantage is that anyone can use it. Eg. shopping centre One disadvantage is that some consumers may use data instead of Wi-Fi It will be very difficult to find a store where you can purchase KitKats 3
Psychographic Target Everyone who love eating chocolates “is willing to indulge themselves with chocolaty snacks”


Helps understand  attitudes and beliefs between groups

A KitKat App is created for everyone who love playing games associate with KitKat.

Some consumers may complain that all KitKat products have similar tastes Some consumers may not have access to Facebook to like our page.

Some consumers may not consider finding more about our products on Facebook



Chosen Segmentation

Behavioral segmentation is very useful to understand consumers behaviour (Marketing91, 2011). KitKat is well established brand as they are ranked 52 in worldwide. Also searching the term “KitKat” on Google will be useful for consumers to use as a businesses provide the best searches.

Psychographic segmentation is based on the consumers motivations, attitudes, preferences and values (Ma, 2015). Choosing this approach is very effective as there needs to be a strong connection between consumers and the brand KitKat. This determines their values, beliefs and opinions. (KitKat target audience)


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